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Card sharing, also known as control word sharing, is a method of allowing multiple receivers to access a satellite television with only one valid subscription card.  This allows watching encrypted channels without subscription card in your receiver. Once a receiver connected to internet receives data from our server, it can decrypt the signal same as original subscription card. This service is designed for users living in countries without provider representatives and without an opportunity of purchasing subscription service.

To use this service, you need a satellite dish turned to the required satellite, internet connection and a receiver which supports cardsharing. This receivers can be bought starting at 50$ from variuos webshops.

The service starts from 1$ / month depending on the subscription plan. Minimum billing cycle is 1 days, no contract is needed. We provide the most convenient global payment service supporting all mayor systems including all credit cards. We do not ask any privat einformations to set up account. Also we do not log your IP address so this service is 100% anonymous.

We hope you will be satisfied with our service.

 CC Team


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